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Customer Feedback

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These Ausgo 4wd mats fit perfectly, they contour the footwell very well & fit better then the other ones. They cover the scuff plate too which i found was really good, the rear mat fits great with great coverage & also covers the scuff plates. They feel great under foot & don't seem to slip. I highly endorse & recommend these mats.


Ausgo is my recommendation. Have them and they are sensational. Covers more area than others including the foot rest in drivers foot well. Full 1 piece rear mat is fantastic. Great price to. Not slippery and mine have been in for months with no wear at all. Mates have other brands and actually want the ausgo after seeing them in mine.


I've got the ausgo front and rear find them great fit and not slippery at all reasonably priced chose them after doing the research.


I have never ever seen such a perfect fitting of Mercedes floor mats. I really appreciate the LEGEND who took measurements, chose material and did stitching of mats. Thanks a lot for looking after car lovers.


These floor mats from ausgo have really good coverage, protection and grip. The mats cover up the side wall, over the door step and under the seat. They also fit in perfectly. Beats the factory and other designs I've seen.


I saw these ausgo mats recommended in FB group and was very impressed, ordered them right away and finally have mine arrived! They’re amazing, the coverage is more than any others we searched for. Thank you so much for the recommendation.


Very happy with these mats in our VX. They arrived promptly and fit well. I was very grateful for the extra coverage in the second row after a kids vomiting in the car the other day. No carpet was touched. They are easy to clean and not slippery.


Got my new floor mats and they're better than I thought! These floor mats fit really well and even protect the sills. Great look and a fair price, can't help to share. I like the idea of these having a lip on them to trap the dirt into the mats and not let the dirt spill over the side onto the carpet.